Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rest for the Weary

I could get used to these relaxing days with nothing to do! Today I had absolutely nothing on my agenda. I slept as late as I wanted, and I spent most of the day relaxing. I know I probably should have gotten more done, but I think the rest nourished my soul more than a more organized kitchen or bedroom would have. And I did do some straightening up along the way.

My girls and I all share a need for rest. Even my most driven child is not truly driven. She's just a bit more goal-oriented than the rest of the females in our house. (Paul is the only driven one in our family.) So we're savoring this week of rest. And I'm hoping that it refreshes our minds and spirits so we are joyfully ready to begin our formal studies again next week.

Now my girls are having late-night fun with sleepover guests. Because when you already have four girls, what are two more? Actually, they're all very good. I can't guarantee they'll go to bed anytime soon, but that's what sleepovers are for!

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