Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going Public

Now that we both felt confident God was leading us to plant a church, we were ready to share the news with our friends and our pastor. We chose to first share our news with a few close friends.  We really weren't sure how our pastor would react, and we wanted prayer before Paul told him.  Everyone was very positive, and no one seemed surprised by our announcement.  We also asked our close friends to pray about joining us in this mission.

Then Paul told our pastor.  Our church had "mission churches" several decades ago, but we had no context for the modern church plant.  Paul shared his vision and his heart with our pastor, and our pastor was very gracious.  He asked for time to pray about how the church should respond to our church plant.  As we waited, we told a few more friends.  When our pastor met with Paul again, he said that we would be sent out with public blessing and Paul would get a chance to announce our plans on Sunday morning.  The church would also pay Paul's (part-time) salary for the next couple of months.  We were both very pleased!

During this time we also told my family during a visit to my Mom's house.  Even they were not surprised and were supportive.  The support and kind words from so many people were an encouragement to Paul, helping him to take this risk.

Now we were ready to tell our children...

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